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"Designed-in Reliability and Maintainability in Products and Processes Delivers Assured Quality over the Product's Life Time" - Saravjit Singh
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About Us

We are a Quality Resource Aggregator & Quality Implementer
Quality resource aggregator: We give information about all aspects of quality. Our objective is to create total awareness about Quality and its connect with Customers.
Quality Implementer: We deliver customised, on-site, training programmes and problem-solution workshops. For more detailed work we undertake implementation-focused consultancy. Our aim is to deliver results through process-driven initiatives.
Today's scenario: We are part of a globalized, competitive environment. Innovative companies keep introducing wonderful products in quick succession. Customers now have heightened expectations from products and services. Lesson for us: develop and deliver high quality products and services; simultaneously, ensure that customers are delighted with our offerings. 
Our Mission:
To continuously acquire and adapt up-dated best practices about customer focused quality innovations. Then facilitate the implementation of these initiatives at customer sites to give 10xQuality added value. 
Our Focus:
Our theme is 10xQuality. 10x stands for 10 times growth – a breakthrough - a giant leap - a paradigm shift.
We help you take quantum leaps in Quality through Breakthrough Improvements. The focus is on continuously improving competitive advantage and adding substantial value to served customers. 
We work with you to conceive, design and implement 10xQuality for: 
1.  New Product & Service Development – from concept creation to customer. 
2.  Existing Products - continuous upgradation and improvement to add value and sustain growth.
3.  Existing Processes - move towards zero defects, minimum inventory, and cycle time reduction.
4.  Business Excellence - achieve competitiveness in all operations.
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